I’m a freelance Social Media Manager & Coach. Saltywater Media was founded at the beginning of 2020. I studied Marketing in Zurich and have worked for various international companies during the past 10 years. I speak English & German fluently, basic French & learning Spanish.

Traveling and exploring the world is a big passion of mine such as diving and surfing. Throughout the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience which I want to share with you and help businesses enhance their Social Media presence.

I live in Costa Rica at the moment but consider myself a “traveling nomad” always searching new adventures and opportunities. I’m a Swiss / South African and was born and raised in Switzerland. I’ve traveled the world for several months at a time and this is not my first business venture. 

Why did I study Marketing and specialize in Social Media? It’s simple… I love creating campaigns and designing basic graphic materials, coming up with strategies, writing business plans and concepts is what makes me happy. This is why I love my job, my life, and all that I do!